GivEnergy Battery Storage Installers

GivEnergy battery storage systems. Scaleable from 2.6kWh to 41kWh for your home, office or business.

At first4solar we are Premier Certified GivEnergy Battery Storage installers. See our latest offers and information about all things GivEnergy here!

Yorkshire based, nationwide installers. From the Isle of Wight to the Faroe Islands we're the UK's leading installer of GivEnergy Battery Storage systems.

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GivEnergy Battery Storage Works With Octopus


    We do not employ sales people and no salesperson will ever visit your home.

    Ideal for smaller homes

    British Designed Battery Storage System

    Perfect for the average consumer with a 4kWp system

    Unparalleled Battery Warranty

    12 X 390W (4.7kW) Next Generation Jinko N-Type All Black Panels

    2.6kW Charge / Discharge

    Can be used with off-peak tariffs

    Emergency Power Supply Compatible

    16 X 390W (6.3kW) Next Generation Jinko N-Type All Black Panels

    2.6kW Charge / Discharge

    Can be used with off-peak tariffs

    Emergency Power Supply Compatible

    GivEnergy Battery Storage Offers

    Why choose a GivEnergy Battery Storage System?

    GivEnergy works with specialised industry leaders to develop the latest in hardware and software. With a dedicated UK development team they are always striving to be at the forefront of new technology and product development, creating energy efficient products and solutions for the renewable energy sector.

    GivEnergy systems provide affordable and outstanding value for a flexible and high end battery storage solution. Increased return on investment with access to low cost, off-peak grid energy and a market leading warranty of 10 years with unlimited cycles!

    GivEnergy battery storage systems are scaleable and come in banks of 2.6kWh, 5.2kWh, and 9.5kWh.


    • Proven high performance, reliability and safety record - top UK seller
    • (designed and engineered in UK and with over 78 million hours of running monitoring data)
    • Secure and continuous supply (from PV and battery) during power outage - with automatic switching within few seconds
    • Maximise profitability with high peak efficiency 99.5% (PV to grid 97%, round trip 93%

    10 Year Warranty

    • Built in voltage regulator - correcting grid voltage to preserve appliance life and energy efficiency
    • DC & AC coupling – flexible installation options enabling PV and grid charging, storing & consuming
    • Multiple smart meter compatibility – enabling future potential energy trading and transferring
    • Programmable and automatic charging from the grid to store low cost off-peak electricity


    • Advanced chemistry designs (Prismatic cell technology) for enhanced performance and long cycle life
    • Strict quality production management and testing of highest standards
    • Charge rate 0.5C, from 2.5kWh (upwards) charging/discharging capacity

    Superior Monitoring

    • Complete software management - monitor solar energy generation, consumption patterns
    • Monitoring real time data via App and web portal
    • Remote firmware upgrades (via Internet) for continuous optimisation, Updates and new Apps


    • An Advanced system with unique capabilities - such as Demand Side Response
    • BMS software integrated into each battery & inverter - optimising energy distribution
    • Total energy management - effective load shifting (between peak solar and demand)

    Low Maintenance

    • Maintenance free design - with remote firmware upgrades and servicing
    • Prolonged system performance with automatic & remote manufacturer maintenance twice a year

    GivEnergy Smart Energy Portal

    GivEnergy monitoring portal is one of the most advanced platforms on the market, allowing full monitoring control over a wide variety of renewable energy products and solutions allowing you to maximise on self consumption.

    GivEnergy Portal (Small)

    Energy Solutions That Work!

    GivEnergy has solutions ranging from 2.8kWh to 2.8MWh, they offer solutions from the small home system through to multi MWh for industry. We can design, build and commission any size of system anywhere in the world.

    As GivEnergy installers we're proud to promote the fact Solar PV is one of the greenest energies out there, however it doesn’t come at the time of highest demand. GivEnergy has developed sympathetic solutions for this problem, ranging from voltage optimisation to our triple award winning Energy Storage Systems that provide you with multiple operating modes - grid-tied, grid-hybrid or off-grid that are both easily configurable to retrofit on existing or new PV systems as well as modular and expandable battery storage systems! Its worth giving us a call to find out more!

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    Benefits of Solar Panels with GivEnergy Battery Storage

    We recomend GivEnergy for your installation. first4solar are premier certified GivEnergy installers.

    Reduces your carbon footprint

    Low visual impact and zero noise pollution

    Reducing your energy bills by up to 70% per annum

    Promotes Environmental responsibility

    Reduces your reliance on fossil fuels

    Contributes to a sustainable future

    Store excess energy to use on an evening

    Charge your battery from economy 7 / modern smart tariffs

    Emergency power in the event of a power cut

    GivEnergy has one goal - Global Carbon Reduction

    Customers Worldwide




    CO2 Saved Daily

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes the GivEnergy range different from the competition?

    GivEnergy is a fully integrated systems manufacturer. It designs, engineers and manufacturers its full range of product. This range includes the supply of proprietary BMS (battery management software), inverters and battery packs. This full integration enables the entire system works in a smooth, efficient and compatible manner. It also avoids the scenario of incompatibility or blame that may occur when components being supplied by multiple sources fail to communicate and/or perform in conjunction with each other.

    Have more questions? Contact us today to discuss your requirements with the countries leading GivEnergy installers.

    GivEnergy Battery Feature Checklist

    Affordable - market leading payback timeframes

    Maintenance FREE

    Grid Island Mode (operate during grid failure)

    DC Coupled - true hybrid

    Real time monitoring (five minute updates)

    Software ALARM notifications

    Fully documented API

    High quality battery cells (Lithium iron phosphate - Prismatic)

    Long Cycle Warranty - 10 Years Unlimited Cycle

    Off peak charging (using Smart Tariffs)

    High round trip efficiency (93%+)

    Grid outage backup power

    Effective charge rate (2.5kWh)

    Generation and consumption monitoring

    Scalable and expandable battery packs (capacity)